Women Wanted the Great Side of My Husband

Be joyful in hope, patient in trouble, faithful in prayer. Romans 12:12 (msg)

 Ten years ago I started an article—

My friends say they wish they had a husband like mine—well eat your hearts out girlfriends, he is mine. I claimed him the year I turned 10. We celebrated 48th anniversary last month and let me tell you, the journey is both beautiful and ugly.

Truth is, women want the great side of my husband, none of them want to put up with what it takes to get to this point in life.

Have no idea what happened that day to trigger the thought above, but even now, almost eight years after husband died, I know what I wrote then, is a reality.

To fall “in love” is easy. To be steadies is a little more difficult—especially if one or the other has a domineering personality. To say “I do,” at the wedding takes only seconds. It takes a lifetime of hard work to stay married.

Three times the topic of divorce became more than a discussion. Twice we separated for a period of time. Many times I decided I didn’t like the man I married. (He probably felt the same about me.)

What kept us coming back to fight for life together was our commitment to God.

The word “patient” in Romans 12:12 isn’t a passive word to endure, it’s an active verb—to persevere. Fight the hard battles, to find joy in the midst of tough times, to remember the good times.

When you brag on your husband and your friends wish their husband’s were more like yours, tell them to get to work—to polish their love daily and build a deep friendship in marriage. It’s hard work, but there are eternal rewards.