1. Sandy Smith

    Before the book was ever written, Kat helped my husband and me plow through MANY questions after my husband was diagnosed with the same rare cancer that her husband has. She taught me her “Caregiver secrets” (guess that means they are not secrets!) and literally held my hand, as my husband was also treated in Omaha by Dr. Brian Loggie. I am thrilled that she has compiled her wisdom in a book that can be shared with all who can benefit. I have ordered my copy and look forward to sharing the book with those in need of Kat’s wisdom.
    My review of the book will gladly follow at a later date!

  2. Hi, Kat, I’d be interested in getting a review copy of the book (pdf is preferred) and possible having you as a guest on hopeenduresradio.com show. It’s Tuesdays at 10 a.m. pacific. Our main ministry is Rest Ministries for those with chronic illness, http://www.restministries.org.

    Email me if you are interested!

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