1. I agree, Kat. We have to have tough hides because getting rejection letters is going to happen as sure as the sun sets everyday. There are definitely things we can do to reduce those dreaded letters to our inbox.

    We have to be willing to take a closer look at a piece that keeps getting rejected and ask if it is as well written as it could be. That’s where critique groups step in and help us.

    Are we hitting the right target audience with our submissions? In other words, Dog Fancy probably isn’t going to be interested in a story about your cat, unless it is all about how your dog made friends with your cat.

    P.S. Did you know a rhino’s skin is approximately 1.5 inches thick?

  2. Oh Kat, you hit me square between the eyes with this one. The yellow streak up my backside is showing. My New Year’s resolution for 2014 is to toughen up my thin hide and send my work out there…rejection or not. Thanks for saying the hard stuff and for holding me accountable.


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