I’ll Fix It Myself

Do not be afraid ….the Lord your God will fight for you. Deuteronomy 3:22

 “Mom, get me up early tomorrow,” Marcy said. “The teacher told us to meet him at seven if we didn’t understand our algebra.”

At 6:30 the next morning, my thirteen-year-old daughter left the house to walk to school. An hour later, I heard the door of our apartment open.

“What happened?”

“The teacher didn’t show. When the principal finally found him, the teacher laughed at me and said, ‘You must be the only dumb kid in the class since you’re the only one that showed up.’”

I held Marcy while she sobbed. “Honey, that teacher is so wrong. Your dad and I will go to school with you.”

“No, I’ve got to do this myself. You can’t fix everything for me.”

Later Marcy said, “The teacher apologized over and over. He said I’m the wisest student. I not only showed up to ask for help, but I came back to talk.”

Spiritual Principle: A wise mother knows that if she fixes the problems now, she might create a new set of problems in the future.

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