Does a Caregiver Grieve?

Does a caregiver experience grief? My friend Shirl would answer, “Is the Pope Catholic?”

Yes, every caregiver goes through a grieving process, whether the patient has a life threatening illness, a chronic illness or a six-week recovery period ahead.

The patient receives the attention.

The patient is the important topic of the day, in the grocery store and on the phone.

The patient is the one who receives the cards and has meals served—they might even ring a bell to make sure you can hear when they need water.

What are the creative ways for a caregiver to respond to their own sorrow, the possible loss of a love one, maybe he loss of a few minutes alone?

What are the losses? You name a few:

The question again, is how do we deal with that grief whether it is momentary or long term? Especially if it means you need to think for yourself?

  1. Take a deep breath, Do the next thing—whatever it might be and allow yourself to feel.
  2. Find time to read scripture—maybe that means reading Psalms aloud to the patient.
  3. Keep a positive, uplifting devotionals by your bed and in the bathroom.
  4. If possible walk around the block—if the patient needs 24/7 care, ask for help.
  5. Journal. You will live through the caregiving. When you read your journal a few years later you might wonder at the sweetness of those moments, the humor or the trials.
  6. Post positive thoughts around your home. If you can’t be involved in your own hobby, try learning to speak the positive thoughts and a scripture in another language. Keep your brain engaged in life.

A Caregiver Quote – Incredible Sadness

Taking Time to Sit with the Hurt

This incredible sadness comes over me at times.

                       I just stay with it.
                           I say
                                 ‘Good, I’m sad, I need to be sad.’
                                        I just let it just hurt me inside for awhile
                                             and then I’m over it.

                                                                                  A Caregiver Quote

 Lionhearted Kat  

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