Educate the Family On Will and POA

Possibly professional caregivers can come and go on a daily basis without becoming too attached to the patient. But most family members cannot avoid the emotional involvement.

To prepare in advance is a wise decision. We tell our children to have a savings account and if possible, a 401-K. Why not educate them on legal matters.

Communicate before need:

  1. It’s difficult to talk about the finances and end of life necessities in a crisis. Plan ahead. Before need prepare a Will, Living Will, POA and Durable POA.

When our children were young we found that if anything happened to both my husband and I, our children would be made award of our state unless we had a will stating otherwise. We contacted my parents in another state, asking them to take on the responsibility. They agreed. With a will we could feel more comfortable about the lives of our children.

  1. Do you think the necessary forms too expensive? Google “Five Wishes” or check out (Forms are $5 each.)
  2. Maybe you have complicated financial needs—trusts, property or a blended family. Seeing a lawyer in advance protects your loved ones.
  3. Over the years discuss your “end of life” desires. “I truly don’t want a casket.” Or, “You know I’d like a hillside burial.” Or even, “I’ll let you decide what to do with my ashes. I’m not going to care at that moment in time.” If handled like everyday conversation, those end of life issues sound less threatening.

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