Cleaning, Cleaning

A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense. Prov 24:3

I listened at the bedroom door. “Cleaning, cleaning. Cleaning on the Everlasting Arms.” I chuckled when I heard my daughter’s version of the old hymn.

Lord, you have blessed me with two sweethearts. I returned to the kitchen.

Later seven-year-old Kathy Ann said, “We’re done, Mom.” Her younger sister nodded so hard her pigtails smacked her in the face.

“You’re sure the room is clean? Bed made? Toys picked up?” The two girls bobbed their heads. “Do you think I need to inspect?” I wanted to believe them.

“Come see,” the two invited.

I hummed ‘Leaning on the Everlasting Arms’ while I walked to their bedroom. It looked neat, but when I opened the closet, I found their dirty clothes. When I looked under the bed, I found where they had shoved all their toys.

“Is this the right way to clean?”

The three of us talked. Later the girls continued to sing their cleaning songs while I sat nearby and watched them finish the job.

Spiritual Principle: Many times we sing spiritual songs and look neat, but we don’t let the world see deep inside our hearts where we stuffed the clutter. Good sense tells us we’ll be found out eventually.

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