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“When you confront a problem you begin to solve it. ” –Rudy Giuliani

“We often pinpoint specific life-altering events that left an indelible imprint on our lives.”

Because of PMP, what doctors called a terminal illness—a rare cancer called Psuedomyxoma Peritonei, my life touches hundreds of lives in a day’s time. Yet I forget my level of influence.

In 2008 a critique group met in my front parlor for a brainstorming session. We wanted to stir our writer’s brain. I introduced silly idea joggers and challenged the three women older than me to share what they might write.

After we exhausted one topic, I did an old thing—map your level of influence.

I introduced the mapping with, “My world has grown so small. I go to work and come home. My world feels like a tiny box.”

Every writer should take a moment to map as we did. Draw a circle. Write your name in the center, immediate family around that circle and then spoke circles out to include every person you talked to that day. The next circle is past acquaintances and/or groups.

It fairly twiggled my mind to see how many people I touched in one day.

Life is a series of events. How we handle our problem, illness, or act of nature is what strengthens our life and changes the lives of others. When we heal, we can write the results. Not to preach ourselves and what we know, but to share coping methods.

Kat in Omaha

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