The enemy of contentment is comparison.

Author unknown

Who in your life has dared to say something that really helped you?

In 1981 the editor of the local newspaper, called my husband, “Pastor Crawford, is it possible for you to write a column for the weekly newspaper.”

I don’t remember what husband said, but he handed me the phone and I accepted the job. For the next two years I wrote a column titled “Sunshine and Smiles.” My stories were about about husband, young son, oldest daughter, youngest daughter and me, Sunshine.

When I read those articles now I shudder, my grammar was atrocious. Still the community liked the stories and each column focused on humor with a spiritual lesson.

About that time Thelma Gray, a retired teacher, invited me into a writers critique group. She poured her bloody pen to my work—yes, red pen. One day I took Thelma one of my “Sunshine and Smiles” columns. Wow.

I re-read that critique sheet recently—the whole page is filled with red lines and comments.

Fortunately, the article she re-worked had already published. The newspaper liked it as written. So did the banker, husband, and the neighbor. But Thelma’s critiques changed my life.

Still Lionhearted, Kat

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