Newspaper Writing

Several years ago I started writing for a weekly newspaper. After a few weeks, I realized I didn’t have a handle on AP style writing. I learned one of my greatest problems is the way I think—I love to write “in story form.” Newspapers want just the facts.

I plowed ahead anyway, willing to try. Experience is a great teacher. I learned to interview on the spot, write concise and meet a deadline. The editor liked the flavor of my articles about the Pastors and their churches in Cass County—that helped me persevere.

Then one night fifteen months later husband said, “Mook, if you can find me a piano player and arrange concerts, I’ll sing again.”

Now who would think that all those interviews with pastors would pave the way for singing dates, but it did. Within three days I had a pianist located and concerts booked several months in advance in Cass County Churches and in Oregon, too.

When I first posted that story, my author friend Sandy Cathcart wrote a reply:

Awesome! My latest buzz line for my students is, “You do it, God will use it.” I’ve seen that over and over in my own life as well, and you are a perfect example. When our hearts are truly yearning for God and we plow ahead, He is always faithful. I think this is a great encouragement to all of us to persevere.

Now it’s 2012 and I have no doubt husband is singing in heaven. Think what I might have missed if I did not persevere.

Still Lionhearted, Kat

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