Why Do We Put It Off

“When you confront a problem you begin to solve it. ” –Rudy Giuliani

Tomorrow I meet with Carolyn, a pre-needs funeral director: Tomorrow sounds like the word many use. I’ve asked my siblings more than once this last year, “Do you have your will finished?” They don’t say tomorrow, they groan at my nagging.

But seriously, tomorrow I do have an appointment to purchase the insurance to pay for my cremation package. One person looked shocked when I told her my intentions. But why not?

♥       If I buy it now, it will lock in everything at today’s prices.

♥       My children won’t need to worry about what happens at the time of my death.

♥       If I buy the insurance in Omaha and die in Oregon, the package is pre-paid and transferable.

While I talked to Carolyn this week I decided to email her some info about myself—then forgot what I needed to send. I called her, “I’m sorry, what did I tell you….?”

We talked for a few minutes and then Carolyn said, “Basically you were going to write your accolades.”

What a hoot. I’m writing my own obituary.

More about how to write an obit next week

Still Lionhearted and grinning, Kat

Encourage others to prepare for those final moments: To build a “Life Book” complete with who to contact, desires for funeral, important papers and where they are kept, And of course, those Advanced Directives.

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