Can’t Sell What You Don’t Submit

A year ago I wrote:

What writing-related thing would you do differently next year?

Submit even more. I have a new sign in my office for 2008:

I also wrote about four things that I learned the year before: 1) I learned to interview subjects, ‘hear’ their story, and produce a news story in a short period of time. 2) I learned to market. 
3) I learned God placed me in medical billing on purpose. My day job is my mission field.  4) I
learned God continues to teach me—old lessons in new (different) experiences.

I write non-fiction, but started a new field for me. A few articles of creative fiction evolved from real-life stories during an interview. The subjects have stories they want to tell, but they want to remain anonymous—why not creative fiction? I sported around the edges, submitted a couple of the stories, neither sold. Are they well-written? Those who critiqued the stories said yes. Maybe I didn’t submit them to the right market place.

Something to ponder for 2009.

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