A Bloggers Fun-Albino Squirrel

I met a new to me author, Vicki H. Moss recently. She grew up with her brother’s flying squirrel and her mother cooked squirrel. While I live in a neighborhood full of black squirrels and some of our older neighbors talk about families that eat them, it doesn’t sound like my fried food for family.  

On Vickie’s blog she posted The Writer Rat, a story about the albino squirrel she encountered while in Beaufort, South Carolina. This next week photos of the albino squirrel will be posted in a number of different blogs and a prize offered for the first to report all the squirrel photos on the different blogs. Keep your eyes peeled.

To learn more about the contest

Where in the World is the Albino Squirrel? Begin the search at http://www.teresaslack.blogspot.com

Prizes and fun.

 Where is a black squirrel when I need one, I’d post a photo of the one that teases our dog Paddy, but …..sigh, he’s not available this morning. Well it is Sunday, maybe he’s gone to church. I’m headed that way shortly.

Still lionhearted, Kat

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