More than Feelings!


Life is one big comfort zone for me. Give me a lion, soft comfy shirt and a pillow to prop me up. Do you see I found a super long, navy blue, polka dotted scarf to tie me together. Look happy as a lark, don’t you think? Now I wait.


It’s the wait that gets to me. This morning I decided to crawl out of bed at 5:30 a.m. just to listen to Joyce Meyer. I figured she’d have something worth listening to, and she did. 

“You can count on this. You are not your feelings.” Those words were a great comfort. I’m still in wait mode, if I sat around in “feeling zone” I’d have done nothing. Instead I called my old friend Esther in California. Woke her up and you know she didn’t even care. We laughed over old times, hashed a few memories and talked about her caregiving experiences.

 Esther said, “I remember you and all those kids sold light bulbs to bring me to Troy. You were only one day out of surgery and still you ….”  

She remembered. Well why not? Those were some crazy memories. Our youth group spent months selling light bulbs. We’d bought 12 cases and received the 13th case free. That is more light bulbs than we had people in our town, but those teens wanted Song Evangelist Esther Eastwood (Hanson) to come and they were willing to work to earn enough money to pay her. Sure glad they did. Sur glad I called her. The wait will soon be over and life will move on. This day will soon be just another memory to hash over another day.

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