Got Trouble?

I often wake up during the ‘fourth watch’ (about 3 a.m.) the darkest hour. Sunday morning I snuggled deeper in the covers and fought a battle with the elements. (That can mean the enemy or self—never sure who to blame.) But somewhere in the thick of battle I asked the Lord, “God, am I out of your will? Am I doing something wrong with all my booksignings and pushing to sell articles and A Cup of Comfort books?”

Eventually I fell back to sleep, but when I got out of bed, I felt exhausted.

It snowed. The roads were icy. Husband piled all my books and signing paraphernalia in the pickup. I wondered about the wisdom of traveling to Church and the signing following.

Message came from John where Jesus walked on the water—Pastor introduced Trouble as our best friend.

Yeah, I don’t like change, but I grow during trouble.

Pastor said, “Remember, because you have trouble doesn’t mean you are out of the will of God. It means you are in the will of God and He is getting ready to do a mighty work in your life. Look at his disciples in the storm….”

In his closing prayer Pastor Yeich said, “Not sure why I preached a simple message this morning….”

I scribbled a note and handed it to him on the way out the door. “You preached the message for me. Thank you.”

Got Trouble? Get ready to grow.

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