Where Is Your Desk?

Stephen King described his early office—a desk in the laundry room. In 2003 I figured if King could make it work, so could I. Although compact, our laundry ala office, serves the purpose. I moved into this space when widow-hood threatened. My caregiver role demanded I be where I could hear the needs of my … [Read more…]

I’ll Fix It Myself

Do not be afraid ….the Lord your God will fight for you. Deuteronomy 3:22  “Mom, get me up early tomorrow,” Marcy said. “The teacher told us to meet him at seven if we didn’t understand our algebra.” At 6:30 the next morning, my thirteen-year-old daughter left the house to walk to school. An hour later, … [Read more…]

Does a Caregiver Grieve?

Does a caregiver experience grief? My friend Shirl would answer, “Is the Pope Catholic?” Yes, every caregiver goes through a grieving process, whether the patient has a life threatening illness, a chronic illness or a six-week recovery period ahead. The patient receives the attention. The patient is the important topic of the day, in the … [Read more…]

Educate the Family On Will and POA

Possibly professional caregivers can come and go on a daily basis without becoming too attached to the patient. But most family members cannot avoid the emotional involvement. To prepare in advance is a wise decision. We tell our children to have a savings account and if possible, a 401-K. Why not educate them on legal … [Read more…]