Learning While You Write for Free

For eighteen months I wrote a “non-paid” column for a newspaper—I did receive a free paper if you call that payment. When I first contacted the editor she said all stories must be something happening in Cass County. I live in Douglas County, but I wanted the experience. Fortunately, I had unlimited long distance phone … [Read more…]


It doesn’t matter if you aren’t a mental health counselor, it doesn’t take a college education to figure out a caregiver is human, with human needs, and dumped into the middle of tough times. Sometimes caregivers need to find a key to unlock the mystery of coping. Suggestion: Make yourself a cheat sheet to help … [Read more…]

Newspaper Writing

Several years ago I started writing for a weekly newspaper. After a few weeks, I realized I didn’t have a handle on AP style writing. I learned one of my greatest problems is the way I think—I love to write “in story form.” Newspapers want just the facts. I plowed ahead anyway, willing to try. … [Read more…]

Why Do We Put It Off

“When you confront a problem you begin to solve it. ” –Rudy Giuliani Tomorrow I meet with Carolyn, a pre-needs funeral director: Tomorrow sounds like the word many use. I’ve asked my siblings more than once this last year, “Do you have your will finished?” They don’t say tomorrow, they groan at my nagging. But … [Read more…]


A few years ago, an eye specialist diagnosed me legally blind. When I left that appointment, I felt vulnerable and stripped of all confidence. Unable to drive, I deemed myself useless. Those first few weeks following my diagnosis were bleak. It didn’t matter that the specialist put my name on a list for a cornea … [Read more…]