Cleaning, Cleaning

A house is built by wisdom and becomes strong through good sense. Prov 24:3 I listened at the bedroom door. “Cleaning, cleaning. Cleaning on the Everlasting Arms.” I chuckled when I heard my daughter’s version of the old hymn. Lord, you have blessed me with two sweethearts. I returned to the kitchen. Later seven-year-old Kathy … [Read more…]


For God is working in you, giving you the desire and the power to do what pleases him. Phil 2:13 “Mom, the house is clean. Why don’t you take a bath and relax?” My daughters, Kathy Ann (12), and Marcy (10), stood in the doorway the day before my 30th birthday. Their concern put me … [Read more…]


A few years ago, an eye specialist diagnosed me legally blind. When I left that appointment, I felt vulnerable and stripped of all confidence. Unable to drive, I deemed myself useless. Those first few weeks following my diagnosis were bleak. It didn’t matter that the specialist put my name on a list for a cornea … [Read more…]

More than Feelings!

Life is one big comfort zone for me. Give me a lion, soft comfy shirt and a pillow to prop me up. Do you see I found a super long, navy blue, polka dotted scarf to tie me together. Look happy as a lark, don’t you think? Now I wait.   It’s the wait that … [Read more…]

Got Trouble?

I often wake up during the ‘fourth watch’ (about 3 a.m.) the darkest hour. Sunday morning I snuggled deeper in the covers and fought a battle with the elements. (That can mean the enemy or self—never sure who to blame.) But somewhere in the thick of battle I asked the Lord, “God, am I out … [Read more…]